Indoor and outdoor sitting fee is $70.- per hour (*1)
(at the location of your choice, within the city limits of Penticton)
Indoor sittings require appropriate light.
A $100.- set-up fee will be added for professional lighting and background
(*1) The sitting fee of $70.-/hr covers photographer costs of the sitting only.
First hour charged in full, following time billed by the quarter hour.
Basic photo retouching and clipping / masking will be applied to studio like shots (white background).
Pictures are separately billed.
Price of portrait pictures
available in your private gallery
Depending on the complexity of post-processing (where required), pictures are $18.- to $35.- each.
As a rule of thumb, if taken in a studio situation, head and sholder shots need less editing than full body portraits or arrangements with various models.
Consequently, outdoor portraits are in the lower price range, as they need only little or no editing.
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